At Outlier Joinery, my purpose is to create uncompromising furniture that marries design and functionality into one cohesive piece. Every project begins with an idea; an inspiration that brings us on a journey of sketches to hand work that realizes the design into its physical form. Every design and joinery is handcrafted to the potential of each piece accentuating the natural beauty and tenacity of the wood. All of the materials are hand picked from local lumber yards to accentuate the clients’ needs and to ensure waste is minimized.My designs gravitate towards my appreciation for Japanese joinery as well as Mid-century modern and Scandinavian designs. I also enjoy collaborating with clients to build the piece that suits their needs. 

“Being aware of the strenuous efforts and time it takes for materials to grow, we make great efforts to reduce waste and fully utilize the materials that are harvested.”

About me

     After an unfulfilling career at the bank, I decided to quit my job and revisit my passion since high school. After meeting up with a few designers at popular trade shows, I decided Camosun Fine Furniture was the right place to pursue my passion in woodworking. Instantly drawn by the satisfaction of creating beautiful functional art, there was no turning back. Over the years of woodworking, the satisfaction of furniture making has become a necessity.

 I am truly grateful to have been taught by some of the best instructors in the trade. I hope to replicate the efforts and pass on my knowledge to the next generation and to extend the art of furniture making before it is long forgotten. My name is Janson and welcome to Outlier Joinery.

Why Wood?

Our goal is to reduce the consumption of disposable furniture by producing timeless pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but structurally sound. Success to us is when our creation is passed onto the generations yet to come. 

“Healthy growing forests recycle carbon naturally. When biomass is used instead of fossil fuels, it can reduce the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When trees are used for forest products, the carbon often remains stored in the products for decades, or longer. As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide and store it. When they decompose or burn, much of the stored carbon is released back into the atmosphere, mainly as carbon dioxide, and some of the carbon remains in the forest debris and soils.”  – Forest Products Association of Canada



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We are fortunate enough to live and operate out of one of the best places on earth, Vancouver BC Canada. Our Studio is just a 5 minutes drive from Downtown Vancouver. Visits by appointment only.